Genesis Capital Financing, Inc. (GCFI) was established in April 2022.
We are in partnership with United Asia Automotive Group for financing requirements .

Our Main Office is currenlty located at 728 A. Bonifacio, Balitawak, Quezon City, Metro Manila


Isabel Y. San Pablo


Ding T. Baira

Vice President
Head of Sales & Marketing

Judith A. Labiaga

Assistant Vice President
Head of Credit Operations

Ma. Theresa G. Mangibin

Assistant Vice President
Head of Accounting, Treasury & Loans Operations


Acceptable Unit / Collateral

Only brand new passenger cars, light commercial vehicles,
sports utility vehicles, and Asian utility vehicles shall be eligible for financing.

1.Light Duty Trucks
2.Medium Duty Trucks
3.Heavy Duty Trucks

Brand new motorcycle

Down Payment ( DP ) Requirement

20% of Suggested Retail Price (SRP) or quoted price of the dealer

20% to 30% of SRP depending on the unit

20% to 30% of SRP depending on the unit

Loan Term
  • Minimum: 12 months
  • Maximum: 60 months
  • Max of 60 months for light and medium duty trucks.
  • Max of 36 months for heavy duty trucks
  • Max of 36 months


GCFI shall actively promote and market AUTO/TRUCK/MOTORCYCLE LOAN products specifically targetting the following:

  • Locally employed individuals – These are individuals who have been hired, working for an employer, and earning salary in the Philippines
  • Self-employed individuals – These refer to individuals who earn income through direct operation of a trade or businessbased in the Philippines (i.e.sole proprietorship).
  • Professionals – These are individuals who obtained a license under a regulatory board or body and are earning income through practice of their profession.
  • Overseas Foreign Workers (OFWs) – These are Filipinos who are presently and temporarily working outside of the Philippines under a specified contract. This shall include OFWs who are on vacation in the Philippines but have existing valid overseas work contract.
  • Juridical Entities / Non-Individuals – These are organizations (i.e. partnership and corporation) that are formed and registered in the Philippines for any lawful business purpose/s and have various rights and duties under the law.




Natural born Filipino



At least 21 years old at time of application

Not more that 65 yrs old upon loan maturity

Contact Number:

Must have an office land line number or home phone number and mobile number. (Mobile number will not be accepted as a stand alone contact number)

Gross Monthly Income Requirement:

Total combined monthly family income of P40,000.00

Residential &/or Employment / Business Address

within 50 km radius from the nearest Chery/ Foton dealers

Credit findings

No adverse credit bureau or court case findings



  • Both local and OFWs, at least two (2) years work tenure shall be required. Out of the two (2) years, tenure of employment with present employer must be at least one (1) year.
  • For OFW borrower, the following additional requirements must be satisfied:
    • Must hold a professional, technical or managerial position.
    • Place of employment must not be in the List of Exclusion Countries.
    • Must have completed at least two (2) consecutive work contracts for the last two (2) years at point of loan application.
  • At least 2 years in business operations
  • Should not belong under high-risk businesses
  • Should have at least 3 trade references

Note: If applicant holds more than twenty per cent (20%) interest in the corporation (i.e. considered majority vis-à-vis minimum five (5) incorporators required by laws governing corporations) – borrower classification is “Self-Employed”.


  • Completely filled-out application form and data privacy consent form
  • Photocopy of Company ID with picture and signature (back-to-back) and with 3 specimen signatures
  • Photocopy of 1 latest valid government issued ID (back-to-back)

Case to case: Proof of Billing if residence is not established.


Any one (1) of the following:

  • Latest one (1) month pay slip (but if with allowances either fixed or variable income, to submit latest 3 months pay slips)
  • Latest Certificate of Employment with monthly deductions
  • Authorization letter to verify bank account/s
  • SEC / DTI Certificate of Registration
  • Latest Business permit
  • Two (2) years audited financial statements and ITR with BIR/Bank stamp and tax receipts
  • Latest three (3) months bank statements or passbook (personal account
  • List of suppliers and customer (with contact details

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